Rocky Point, Hawaii

We rolled out of bed at 8, checked the waves from the porch, and Dusty called the crew to let ‘em know, “Bum Rush Tour is on.”

With Zak Noyle, Barron Mamiya and Pomai from Hawaiian Water Patrol as judges – and Rocky Point going off – what more could we ask for?

We headed down to Rockies, threw up the tent, and were ready with cheap champagne and big fat blank $1k check…

but there were like two dudes out in the water, even with good waves…

“Give it a sec, no one gets out of bed and in the water till way late bruh. This ain’t California, there’s good waves all day. You on island time.” – Pomai

Sure enough the lineup started filling up.

20 minutes after Zak sounded the horn the judges knew their guy. It was unanimous: Tyler Newton was our Rocky Point Bum Rush 2018 Champ.

The Bum Rush Tour is a guerilla style ambush surf contest for whoever happens to be out in the water.

No application.

No qualifiers.

No entry fees.

20 minutes after we sound the horn someone’s gonna get hoisted up the beach, showered with cheap champagne and home with a big fat check.

If you see the tent go up near you, get in the water.


Photos: Keoki Saguibo
Handle: @photokeoki