Cocoa Beach, Florida

Thanks to last weeks hellava winter beast, named Riley, the conditions behind our Cocoa Beach office were ideal to kick off the first leg of our 9th annual Bum Rush Tour. 
Bum Rush Tour Surf Cocoa Beach 2
The SB crew and guest local judges all met at our office around 7:00 am, checked a couple spots on the cam, and noticed the waves were best right out back. We waited an hour for the tide to come up, and then hiked the gear down to the beach. The Bum Rush was on.
Bum Rush Tour Surf Cocoa Beach 3
Bum Rush Tour Surf Cocoa Beach 4
Sun Bums criteria for the Bum Rush is simple, whoever gets the best waves and has the most fun wins. Our winner, Justin Linton did just that. He scored two great waves in the 20-min heat. His first wave was a shoulder high right, we counted as he completed 5 great turns. The wave that gave him the win was the sweet left in the last seconds of the heat.
Bum Rush Tour Surf Cocoa Beach 5
Here’s a little quote from the champion himself, “I literally skipped work all week, I called off three or four shifts to surf, this is a blessing to make all the money back”. Well Justin, we hope this post doesn’t screw you over at work. Congrats.
Bum Rush Tour Surf Cocoa Beach 6
The Bum Rush Tour is Sun Bum’s DIY impromptu surf contest with no qualifiers, no entry fees, no applications, and no scheduled events. We just pull up to a random beach, sound a horn and 20 minutes later call a surfer out of the water and crown them champion with a cheap champagne shower and a giant check for $1,000 bucks and then leave. If there’s no waves, we’ll hit a skate park or lake or wherever we can find some action. Since its inception in 2010 Sun Bum has run contests all the way up both American coasts as well as Hawaii and Australia.